Custom Data Collection Solutions

Data collection and management comes in many shapes and sizes, but at their core is the fundamental need to capture data quickly and accurately, reduce key presses and human interaction and provide accurate, robust reporting to meet the specific needs of your organization. The net result is a strong ROI through streamlined processes, reduced human error. Your workforce is able to do more in less time and management is equipped with the tools to make efficient, thoughtful, educated decisions.

If your organization is still recording data using paper or Excel, let us show you how you can increase productivity, data visibility and accuracy using automatic data collection hardware to capture your operational data. Here are some advantages of adopting an automatic data collection strategy:

  • Accuracy: By employing scanning instead of hand entry, you eliminate or greatly reduce errors caused by hand entry
  • Validation: Through programming logic we can limit acceptable values and reject incorrect or unacceptable data
  • Scalability: As your organization's needs change, your custom applications can be adjusted to suit those changes
  • Real-time Information: Data is made available for reporting instantly instead of waiting for paper records to circulate departments or emailing copies of Excel files
  • Robust Reporting: Data is available immediately and therefore reportable immediately.

Following are just a sample list and explanation of some of the most common applications, however any process or workflow can be developed into a custom data collection application.

Inventory Management

Record and manage real-time inventory information from receiving and picking processes throughout your organization. Eliminate the need for spreadsheets and provide quick, accurate and robust reporting tools and snapshots of your entire inventory.

Asset Management

Maintaining accurate, up-to-date fixed asset records has never been more important. Government regulation and an overall push towards greater fiscal transparency demands proper tracking of high value assets withing your company. Asset tracking software ensures accurate data entry and easy reporting.

Check-In / Check-Out

Never wonder who took a particular item or where your company's valuable assets are located. Our check-in/check-out solutions record the time items were borrowed, returned and who has them. Tool, demo, library and rental can all take advantage of this process flow and accountability.

Direct Store Delivery

With competition in the grocery, bakery, snack, and beverage industries increasing, you need a way to efficiently manage orders and accurate delivery to streamline your customer experience and reduce returns. A custom DSD system helps you achieve this while providing your customers with the service they demand.

Our Process


Through phone conversations and on-site visits, we'll meet with you to fully understand every detail of your process and workflow.


We'll document every aspect of your solution down to the smallest detail and proceed with development once we have everything right.


This is where your application starts to take shape. Here we build your user interface and the underlying database to match the documented specifications.


Your CRP (conference room pilot) is where your testing takes place. This simulated, real-world testing will uncover bugs that wouldn't be found in our development lab.


Bugs found during your CRP will be addressed. Subsequent CRPs will take place and this process will repeat until the application is ready to production release.


When bugs have been addressed and you are happy with the functionality and integrity of the application, we will deploy to production and move to a support phase.

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