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Rugged computing for demanding applications

Rugged mobile computing has quickly become a part of every business and enterprise organization as well as daily life with the ubiquitious smartphone. Mobile computers are used for a variety of purposes from tracking warehouse inventory to asset management and direct store delivery. mobile computers can empower any organization with precise, accurate data entry, improved efficiency and greatly increased productivity. Choosing the right mobile computer will drastically increase the speed, accuracy, and number of tasks that can be completed in a work shift.



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Rugged field computers provide multi-purpose utility in an ergonomic form factor, driving improved productivity for mobile workers and a lower total cost of ownership for enterprises. Not as bulky as laptop computers, yet more durable than tablet computers, these mobile field computers carry a variety of IP ratings for trusted protection against environmental factors like dust and rain.

Types of mobile computers:

"Cell Phone" Style

Mobile ComputerThese devices have a shape and size already familiar to many users. Connectivity options include Wi-Fi and Bluetooth as well as WAN radios to enable them to communicate away from the building through regular cellular service. These mobile computers are best suited for direct store delivery drivers, field workers or any other application that needs to work outside of the 4-walls of your organization.

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Rugged Computers

CK71-SmallRugged mobile computers are built and designed for usage within a building such as a warehouse or manufacturing plant where Wi-Fi is used to connect the device to software within the organization. While these mobile computers don't typically include WAN/cellular radios for usage outside the four walls, they can be used as batch devices to collect data when they are away from their Wi-Fi connection.

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WearablesWearable mobile computers offer hands free usage by mounting the mobile computer to your wrist and employing a finger mounted scanner. This frees your hands for other uses such as picking or put away to increase productivity and safety. Wearables can be coupled with voice driven systems to increase efficiencies and mobility even further. In the right situations, wearable mobile computers can be a great addition to your warehouse workflows.

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Rugged Tablets

Handheld Rugged TabletRugged tablets provide consumer-styling with all the enterprise class features and durability you need to increase workforce productivity in a compact form factor. Rugged tablets offer exceptional versatility and usability in a device small enough to manage on the move, but large enough to display applications and data that require a little more screen space, while being resistant to dust, moisture, temperature and drops to concrete.

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How to choose the right device for your needs.

Choosing the right mobile computer for your needs starts with understanding how you will use your device. Understanding each of these following factors will help you find the right mobile computer.

  • What are you going to use the mobile computer for? Inventory, asset management, field operations?
  • Are you in a demanding environment with dirt, moisture, high or low temperatures?
  • What kind of software will you be using on your device?
  • What kind of barcodes will you be reading?
  • What kind of connectivity will you need? WiFi, Bluetooth, etc?


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