Network Install

Wireless Designed For YOUR Needs

Wireless NetworkYour data collection solution requires a well designed, robust wireless infrastructure. Premier Electronics provides comprehensive wireless network installation services for your organization – no matter its size or structure. We follow a 3 step approach to determine your specific needs and ensure that your wireless solution will support your data collection requirements. Our on-site installation engineer will perform installation, configuration and testing of the system to confirm that everything is working properly, leaving you with a robust wireless network, specifically designed for your unique location.

Wireless Network Design IS NOT One Size Fits All

Consider a WiFi network installation to be like a game of chess. Anyone can hook up a wireless router to a modem and have WiFi, similarly anyone can move chess pieces around on a board; in both cases quality will be sacrificed without proper planning, strategy and expertise. Network design and engineering deployment of a WiFi network requires careful planning to determine goals, objectives and requirements. Once evaluated, a site survey is completed to determine sources of interference and best overall coverage as WiFi networks can be tricky to implement due to high interference and high-density areas. Plus, your existing equipment may be incompatible to handle the new capacity loads in existence today.


Premier Voice, Data and Video Communications Systems and Services

We offer a comprehensive products and services portfolio, meeting your communications needs at extremely competitive pricing. Complete implementation service programs that scale to your project and staffing requirements. Architecture design, vendor selection, installation, integration, monitoring services, life cycle management and cost reduction programs are available. Through comprehensive support metrics we ensure that your requirements are kept in the forefront of every solution.

System Integration

We offer complete implementation service programs that can be scaled to meet your project and staffing requirements. Design Data Center Solutions, vendor selection, installation, integration, monitoring services and life cycle management are our area of expertise.

Managed and Hosted Wi-Fi, LAN, WAN

Premier offers a robust portfolio of Managed Wi-Fi solutions including worry free managed and hosted services to support your organization's Wi-Fi, LAN and WAN demands. We provide complete turnkey services including utilizing our partner engineers to design, install, deploy, and manage the WLAN infrastructure

Our Process

Site Survey

Our site survey professionals will perform a WiFi spectrum analysis to determine outside Wi-Fi interference, review existing configuration and performance, make access point placement recommendations and review the survey results.

Product Recommendations

Our technicians will provide options and recommendations for a wireless system that’s perfect for your business, whether you need indoor or outdoor wireless access points, wireless controllers, or WiFi management software.


We work with your facilities team to perform the installation providing technical resources to answer questions or provide technical insight. Depending on the scale of the project, our technicians may be able to configure your network in a matter of hours.