CloneNGo - Painless Honeywell Device Cloning

If you manage multiple devices across your organization or have a limited IT staff, you understand how time consuming it can be to configure devices after a factory reset or purchasing new. The task takes valuable time better spent on more important things. Thankfully, Honeywell provides a tool to make this process much more manageable and cut your device configuration time by fractions using CloneNGo.

CloneNGo is a powerful, license-free, peer-to-peer way to easily clone devices. It's ideal for the customer with little or no IT resources. Using a single master device, simply by scanning a barcode, you can clone settings, files, applications and even operating systems to client devices. It's a process that takes minutes rather than hours. It eliminates the need to individually configure devices, or use a management console for device provisioning. This means you get up and running quicker and begin realizing cost savings immediately.

View the following video for a product overview or follow the instruction below to utilize this great feature.

Run ClonNGo on the Master Computer

  1. Start by making sure you have one master device with all of the common settings you would like to apply to all other devices such as date, time, timezone and WiFi settings. This device will be referred to as your Master Device
  2. Run CloneNGo on the master device: Start > Settings > System > CloneNGo
  3. Tap Master, and then tap OK

  4. If you set an Intermec Settings password, type the password, and then tap OK.

  5. If you have wireless security enabled, type your pre-shared key or WEP keys.

  6. Tap Save. The master computer saves the security data to an encrypted file. If you are using a wireless ad hoc network, the master computer will scan the network for an isolated channel, creates an ad hoc network for client computers to join, and displays the bar code to start CloneNGo on the client computer.

  7. If a success dialog box appears on the scree, tap OK.
  8. If you are using a storage device, the master computer copies the cloning files to the storage device and CloneNGo closes.
  9. If you are using a storage device but no storage device is present, an error message is displayed and no action is performed. The error message may be hidden behind other open windows.
  10. Remove the storage device from the master computer.

Start CloneNGo on the client computer

Use one of these methods to start CloneNGo on the client computer:

  • Scan the bar code that appears on the master computer
  • Scan this bar code:

  • For all computers (except the Thor VM3) tap Start > Settings > System > CloneNGo

Clone a Client Computer

  1. After the CloneNGo bar code appears on the master computer, you are ready to clone client computers
  2. If you are using a storage device, connect the storage device to the client computer.
  3. On the client computer, start CloneNGo - A progress bar appears on the Cloning Progress tab. The client computer automatically restarts after cloning is successfully completed.

  4. (Optionaly) To see the status of the cloaning process, tap the Cloning Details tab.

Thanks to Honeywell's ClonNGo feature, you can now cut your device maintenance and administration efforts dramatically and spend your time on much more important matters.

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